Our Word Is Your Bond!


Make Bail Great Again(MBGA) is about just that…making bail GREAT again by tirelessly working for our bail agents through select sureties that have the expertise and dedication to the bail industry.

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Our Word Is Your Bond!

MBGA is headed by Brian Frank, who has worked in every facet of the bail bond business. Brian started out in the bail industry more than 35 years ago, working as a bail agent while in college and in law school. After graduating with an Accounting Degree in 1982 and from Law School (Magna Cum Laude) in 1985, Brian worked for an Appellate Court Judge and then went into the private practice of law. Brian was one of the founders of Lexington National Insurance Corporation, which was formed in 1989. As Lexington’s President/CEO from its inception, Brian led Lexington from a single state bail underwriter in 1989 to a top tier national bail company. Brian has unparalleled experience and insights to enable the bail agents working with him to thrive in the competitive marketplace and to combat the onslaught of legislative, judicial, and regulatory challenges facing the bail industry.

If you are a committed bail agent that wants to work with a professional that has lived “Bail” for decades, who understands that the retail bail agent needs and deserves a responsive surety 24/7 and, most importantly, someone whose “Word Is His Bond,” please call Brian anytime at (443) 900-7881 or complete the contact information below.


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